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About Kimo Instruments
Company History

KIMO was set up in 1979 in Dordogne area (near Bordeaux), in its early days the main activity was the manufacturing of liquid column manometers for pressure measurements. Mr Moulinet, founder of the company, focused all the company's efforts on design and manufacture of instruments to meet the increasing requirements of industry for control, regulation, maintenance in air monitoring fields. Mr Moulinet met Mr Termini in 1985 which resulted in the setting up of a dynamic sales team and establishment of our first sales agency located at east of Paris.

This meeting was the beginning of a real passion for the enterprise, a will to expand and forge ahead, with the common goal that KIMO should become one of the leaders in HVAC field.

These are the foundations! The two "key men" combine their strengths and focus on their clients' needs, in order to anticipate the market demand and to respond accordingly. With the introduction of electronic instruments and with new parameters to measure (temperature, humidity, air velocity and airflow), KIMO expands his product range, and wins new markets.

KIMO pays a great attention to maintain close contacts with its clients, who are the key asset for the company's development. This dynamism, along with the desire to maintain a well-structured organization, has been rewarded with ISO 9001 certification of KIMO. Thanks to constant efforts from all the staff, KIMO goes on increasing client satisfaction levels. As a result of this success, KIMO has grown significantly in terms of production area, R&D, staff and sales team. The sales agency located in Lyon was the first local agency to be opened in order to meet the needs of South-East area and progressively, several agencies were open, such as Rennes, Lille, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse, Strasbourg and a second agency at west of Paris.

From its know-how and by encouraging feedback from its dynamic sales team, KIMO understood the need to create a Distribution network specially dedicated to resellers. KIMO also established an Export Department which now represents 23% of turnover and covers more than 150 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia...

Today, KIMO continues to develop and grow thanks to on-going design and manufacture of new products, investment in new sophisticated technologies, meeting new standards and requirements of fields such as process industry, pharmaceutical, food, aeronautics, automotive, building services... and also thanks to the will of all KIMO Management to continue to forge ahead!